Do tattoos affect your career?

Do tattoos affect your career?

So, I guess we are talking about tattoos today 😄

The reason I am making this post is that I saw on my feed today about a kindergarten teacher who has tattoos on his face, and he apparently was in trouble with some parent because they thought he frightens the children.

I mean, seriously? 😅

Anyway, I wanted to talk about tattoos, and how or even if they affect your career.

So, as a guy who has tattoos on quite noticeable areas of his body, I wanted to share my thoughts on the topic.

I work in the tech industry, as a developer of course. And I didn't have any tattoos when I got into the tech industry. But I did go through a couple of job changes, and I went through quite a lot of interview processes after getting my tattoos done.

And to be honest, I've never had any issues getting job offers because of my tattoos.

And if you are wondering where exactly are my tattoos located.

Mine is quite visible actually.

I have one on my neck and another one on my forearm.

So, I don't think tattoos affect your chances of getting a job in any way. At least, not in the tech industry, as far as I can tell.

But I think as long as your tattoos are not highly obscene or offending to others, it doesn't really matter to your employers.

My view is that tattoo or no tattoo. If you are friendly, communicate well, and able to make a good first impression, then it doesn't matter to anyone.

However, I would like to mention though that whether you like it or not, your tattoos do make an impression on people.

So, even if you do manage to get a job despite your tattoos, people will notice them. So, it's kind of your responsibility too to break the stereotype. In most cases, though, people don't much care about them. But people do notice them, that's all I want to say.

But, being a Software Developer or Web Developer, will most likely not affect your career. And if you are looking for opportunities, then rest assured that it won't hinder your prospect of getting a job.

The beauty of the tech industry is that it's filled with people from different areas. And the community, in general, is quite open and welcoming to people from different backgrounds. So, if you are a software developer or a programmer, then in my opinion, your tattoos won't affect your career.

And if you are someone who thinks that he or she has really weird tattoos, then being a developer, if you are good at your craft, you can always get a remote role, you know.

So, yeah, I don't think tattoos affect your career in any major way. But people do notice them, and some people might stereotype you. So, you know ... be nice ... that's all I can say😅

Anyway, what do you think? do tattoos affect your career? And do you think it's about time we moved on from this stigma?

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