Income and Wealth Distribution in India

Income and Wealth Distribution in India

Understanding the income and wealth distribution within a country provides valuable insights into its economic health and social structure. In this detailed report, we explore the income, net worth, and wealth distribution among Indian citizens, focusing on various professions, high-income earners, and how your income compares to the rest of the population.

Income and Net Worth by Profession

Income and net worth can vary significantly based on one's profession. Below is a breakdown of the mean and median income for various professions in India.

Profession-Wise Income Data

  • IT Professionals: Mean Income: ₹800,000, Median Income: ₹600,000

  • Doctors: Mean Income: ₹1,200,000, Median Income: ₹900,000

  • Teachers: Mean Income: ₹50,000, Median Income: ₹40,000

  • Government Employees: Mean Income: ₹60,000, Median Income: ₹50,000

  • Army Personnel: Mean Income: ₹70,000, Median Income: ₹60,000

  • Bankers: Mean Income: ₹100,000, Median Income: ₹80,000

  • Unskilled Labourers: Mean Income: ₹20,000, Median Income: ₹15,000

  • Business Owners: Mean Income: ₹150,000, Median Income: ₹100,000

Are You Rich? – Find Your Percentile

Wondering where you stand in terms of income and net worth compared to the rest of India? I have created an interactive tool that allows you to input your monthly income and net worth to see how you rank.

Visit this link:

High-Income Earners in India

High-income earners are a small fraction of the population. Let's look at how many people earn more than ₹1 crore annually and what percentage they represent of the total population.

High-Income Earner Statistics

  • Number of people earning more than ₹1 crore annually: 100,000

  • Percentage of total population: 0.0071%


This report highlights the diverse income and net worth distribution across various professions in India. It also provides an interactive way to see where you stand compared to the rest of the population. High-income earners represent a very small fraction of the population, emphasizing the income disparity within the country. Use this data to gain insights and make informed decisions about your financial status and where you stand and base your goals on that.

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